The ‘Churchman’ whines like a well-spanked school-boy about “personali­ties” in our reply to its insulting article on “Miracle swindles,” but it should remember that it not only outraged all decency by attributing the most degrad­ed motives to the pastors of the Church, but, moreover, it added insult to injury by perpetrating a despicable pun upon the name of one of God’s most saintly missionaries. Father Gazolli, S.J., is our personal friend, and no hidden scribe shall ever trifle with his name without feeling the point of the Sentinel’s bayo­net in his most sensitive part. If the ‘Churchman’ will persevere in exuding its poison it must not complain when it is compelled to swallow an antidote.

— Debate with an Anglican journal, Feb. 15, 1877